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LED - IT & Tech Services, Professional solutions in the world of AV NDI technology.

AVoIP - System Administrator - System Maintenance Services for small and medium enterprises, with a special focus on Medical and AudioVisual Service Providers, Institutions with on-site delivery and customer service

At NDI- Image Transfer and Informatics, we are able to help you with your needs.


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IT expertise

Our main goal is to provide accessible IT assistance for everyday situations.

24/7 IT support

It is a professional services company that provides IT advice and support 24 hours a day.

IT Advice


We are proud to have worked with you to make this happen. Your expertise and enthusiasm has impressed everyone who has visited our Institution.Your commitment and passion for the IT implementation of the new Kardirex building has been invaluable.Thank you for all you have done for us.

dr. István Vasas Kardirex Managing Director

About us

Let us be your preferred IT partner

Being "your preferred IT partner" means that the IT service provider's role is to focus on the customer, understand their business needs and provide unique solutions that effectively support business processes and objectives. A preferred IT partner works with the customer, using their expertise and experience to help the customer solve problems and exploit future opportunities in IT.

We have been providing IT services to individuals and companies for almost 10 years.
Specially for Medical Service Providers, Institutes. One of the main directions is AV over IP technology

Our focus is particularly on the medical sector, so we provide solutions primarily for service providers and institutions in this area. AV over IP technology is one of our main areas of expertise and we place great emphasis on it.


Solutions and areas of expertise

The main profile of our company is the transport of video systems (NDI,DanteAV) and medical imaging devices over IT networks.

  1. IT Management
  2. AV over IP
  3. Cloud (AWS)CDN
  4. Software development (IOS,Android)

IT Management

IT management is the set of processes and practices for the effective management and use of information technology (IT) resources in organisations. IT management includes the management of IT infrastructure, applications, data and human resources, and the alignment of business goals and strategies with IT.


AV over IP (Audio-Video over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows audio and video signals to be shared and distributed over a wide area network. AV over IP technology uses the IP protocol to transmit digital AV content that can be displayed on a variety of devices.

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions allow users to store data on remote servers and access it from anywhere, at any time, via an internet connection. Cloud solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing users to tailor IT infrastructure and services to their needs.

Software Development

Custom software development is usually based on a project that includes design, development, testing and implementation. In custom software development, the application can be a web, mobile or desktop application and allows users to manage data and processes more efficiently.

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Perfect solutions for your business

The following may be the perfect solution for your IT business:

  • Cloud services

  • Wireless networks

  • Data protection and security solutions 

  • User support 

  • Customized software development